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Does anyone ever use livejournal anymore?!

Seriously, does anyone use their livejournals anymore? I've had this thing since '03..I remember when you used to have to get an invite I think to even get one

I usually only come on when I'm bored...I'm bored. Hahaha.

Neals at Justins helping him move a matress. Justin helped Neal bring up the top part of our new huge armoure(sp!?). My boss gave it to us cause she doesn't need it anymore...I'm uber excited cause its big enough for my scrapbooking stuff and then some!! Awesome.

Hopefully I can start doing it again..its been awhile...

New Kids AGAIN next sunday @ HOB. So excited. I hope I touch them! lol

Christmas is almost hear and it just doesn't feel like christmas sucks..I miss the old days when we were kids..Now we're all grown up and everyones going to start going there seperate ways when married and such...this year will be the first year I don't spend christmas day with my family. We're going to Neals parents.

Our poor puppy Chester has glaucoma!! We had to get him a shot in his eye to make him blind :( The place we got him from is refunding us the money for him. He is like the coolest dog ever though. I love him lots! I'm thinking about making a scrapbook of him! hahaha

I'm soo tired right now. I wish neal would get home so we can decorate our tree!

Theres nothing really exciting going on right now..We have another new girl starting tomorrow hopefully she works out..I'm tired of training people!

I really need a weekend where I do absolutely nothing. I'm so exhausted between all the OT at work that i've forced myself to work for the money and having something to do every weekend..Its exhausting!

I'm wicked excited though, we switched our rooms around. The bedroom is now the old living room and the living room is the old bedroom..It looks awesome..Both rooms seem so much bigger!! We decided to wait a little bit longer on a house so I told Neal we need to switch the rooms then if we're going to be here for a while...Damn it for always doing things the smart way!!..But hopefully we can get more money put away we do pay wicked cheap rent where we are...


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