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This is what my life looks like for the next month and a half...
  • 7/26-Kims for Wedding Hair Run
  • 7/27-Laundry @ Moms after work
  • 7/28 or 7/29-Marriage License in the morning before work.
  • 7/30-Alterations after work
  • 8/1-Yard Sale in RI
  • 8/3-Doctors appointment after work I think
  • 8/7-80's Cruise with friends from work
  • 8/8-Out with Neals friends from work
  • 8/13-Meeting @ Danversport
  • 8/17-First Time Homebuyers after work
  • 8/19-First Time Homebuyers after work
  • 8/22-Bach Party
  • 8/23 Mani's Birthday Party
  • 8/24-First Time Hombuyers after work
  • 8/26-First Time Homebuyers after work

Now throw in working M-F 9-5, a couple nights doing laundry at my moms after work, another alterations appointment, and an appointment with the DJ/Photog/Video, and maybe with a make-up artist. Oh and New Hampshire on the weekends.

I'm going to be pooped!!!


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