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I'm kinda surprised I don't use this more often at this point..
May 20th we find out what we're having...I really can't wait.  I know some people say they usually feel like its one sex or the other I really don't.  Maybe its cause I've never been pregnant before, I don't know.  But I really can't wait to find out.  I always wanted to have a boy first, but part of my wants a girl cause I love Lucy Skye..Its just a matter of picking the spelling at this point. But I loved the name Christopher just as much..Either way I'll be happy I'm sure.

I really hate diabetes too.  I swear I hate it more now that I'm pregnant.  I have to take insulin before meals now on top of before bed, which is fine.   its hard to tell what you should give really sucks.  Oy I can't even finsih this...I keep screwing up..I think my sugar is low...

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